Luís Alberto de Cuenca: The Ice Giants

The Ice Giants have been back to visit.
Not in my dreams. In broad daylight. With their helmets
Gleaming and their faces wild and malevolent.
I was so scared that I didn't know how to tell them
That you'd left. They went through everything,
Cursing the day that God created this world,
Swearing by the Wolf's teeth and the Dragon's
Jaws, spewing out terrible threats,
Blaspheming and smashing all the books and records.
Seeing that you weren't home, they left, but not without
Announcing that they would find your new hideout
And make you their slave until the end of time.
Wherever you are, my love, don't open the door to them.
Even if they pretend to be members of my guard
And insist that it was I who sent them.

(Translated by Asa Cusack)